An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bikinis at the ready...

Things are moving on a pace with the building works.  If it rains this weekend we'll be able to have a dook!

As well as excavating the pool area, the foundations for the pool plant room, changing room, garden room and boot room have all been dug out.  You take your life in your hands if you step out the back door as there's a steep drop at either side of the strip of ground in front of the step.  I played it safe and sent David out with my camera.  Not risking him pushing me in the foundations and covering me with a concrete blacket ;-)

David and I met with the builder, the kitchen designer and the kitchen fitter this morning.  The aim was to look at the schedule of works and decide at which point the kitchen would be ready to allow the kitchen to be fitted.  If all goes according to plan, we will lose access to the kitchen at the beginning of November when the builders will move in to remove the current kitchen and knock down an internal wall.  It is hoped the kitchen will be completed in time for Christmas.  

It's also likely the external wall that's coming down in the kitchen will need to be taken out much sooner in order to link to the garden room but they can board it up afterwards until the roof's going on the garden room, so we we will still be able to use the kitchen at that time.   

It's all as clear as mud but I am hoping sure it will make sense as we go.  

Alan was back at the hospital this afternoon to get his finger dressed.  Still healing well but bandage back on for a couple of weeks yet.

Still can't believe we are having all this glorious weather whilst the south are getting battered.  Also delighted we're not going to France in July this year.  Between the fuel crisis, the threat of power cuts, air traffic controllers on strike and now the floods, I would be stressed beyond belief.


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