An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

My Chariot Awaits...


Well, what can I say about afternoon tea at Cromlix House?  Lots!  :)

Ele picked me up just after 2pm and we headed off.  Poor Christine was left doing Alan's ironing and I would have commented that she was Cinderella if that didn't then mean Ele and I were the ugly sisters :D    Gail, Natalie and Diane were meeting us there.

We arrived at Cromlix and were shown into the beautiful drawing room, to two lovely squishy sofas facing each other in front of the elegant fireplace (thankfully the fire was not lit as it was a glorious day).  Seeing me with my elbow crutches a staff member immediately offered to bring me a chair rather than watch me struggle to sit on the low sofa.  I said that would be lovely and he brought me a very comfortable high back chair with arms.  Perfect.

Apart from us lot, there were 4 other people there when we arrived then within 10 minutes the rest of the drawing room  filled up, mainly couples.  There was polite but quiet chatter and our party of 5 was definitely the most lively.  The champagne helped :-)

We had an absolutely lovely afternoon and we were told there was no need for us to rush away so we sat back, full of delicious food (see extras) and chatted till 6pm!

I bumped into the manager when going to pay (the girls had given me their money, I wasn't paying for everyone apart from Gail whose birthday treat it was :-)) and he remembered me from our  previous stay.  I love this place!

When Ele and I left through the Whisky room (as opposed to the main entrance) we laughed when we saw her car sitting there all on its own.  There had been other cars parked there when we arrived but now it looked as though we had our own private space.   

I could definitely get used to this.

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