Not our usual visitor

... but then there are lots of Jackdaw families around in our village, so all our chimney pots have to be suitably covered with a cowl or at least screwed up chicken wire.  Otherwise they move in!  They certainly are characters but they can't normally manage the bird feeders.  I think this one had spotted some bread, which we don't put out very often.  This morning I woke to see father woodpecker teaching junior how to get bits of nut out of the peanut holders and one or other of the woodpeckers have been around all day.  Plus I'm fairly certain I've seen a tree sparrow feeding (quite a rarity here) but it had gone by the time i got to the binoculars.

Three images printed and matted ready for the camera club competition this month.  I'm a little uncertain as to how they'll be received, but I like them.

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