Another nice lie in.  Lovely not to have anything on the calendar to get up early for.  Watched the football - Belgium V Rep of Ireland.

Got the bus to Aldi this afternoon.  Popped in to see Neil as he works nearby.  Things were quiet so we had a good chat.  I watched some of the Iceland V Hungary match there.

After tea more football - Portugal V Austria. 

Came into the living room this evening and I knew Tino was in there but couldn't find him - looked in the usual places and then realised he was on top of the door. Looking down at me.  (probably chuckling when I couldn't find him.)  Typical Bengal behaviour. Talking of Bengal behaviour I read a funny tale on the Bengal Facebook page.  A lady in America had a knock on her door - it was the mail lady.  She was new to the area.  She told the home owner that the cat which was walking around the garden must be in pain as it was making a terrible wailing sound.  The owner assured the mail lady that this was the normal cry for a Bengal.  I can testify that a Bengal cry is like nothing else you might hear.  Mind you its only Tino who does this wailing.  Lily is much more discreet ( but persistent ) when she wants attention.  And she doesn't lurk on top of doors either.

The weather today has been much better.  Warmish and dry for a change.  We even saw the SUN.

Steps today - 5.989

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