Hummingbird Close-Up

It was one of the last cool summer mornings. The cat had just had second breakfast and my husband was asleep. So I tiptoed out the front door with my camera and made my way to the shady side yard to hang out with the hummingbirds.

The light was very good there at that time of day, and it was quite comfortable and nice. Several little birds came by and visited the feeder. Sometimes they get into little squabbles; each one thinks it's his or her very own private refreshment station.

The hummingbirds are getting somewhat used to me now, and they don't always zip right away, but sit and luxuriate, then check the sky for oncoming challengers before departing. It seems like there are at least four regular visitors; maybe more.

I was enjoying the good light when one of the male ruby throats came by and sat and sipped a nice long drink. The morning sun caught the red on his gorget and made his green feathers shine. I imagined that he almost looked like a tiny green dinosaur. By the way, this is not a cropped shot; this IS the full shot.  :-)

I know that the feeder is full of sugar water, at a mixture of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. But here's a song about another summer drink: Tommy James and the Shondells, with Sweet Cherry Wine.

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