a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Dreams of Celebration

Abstract Thursday: Dreams of Celebration

It is Abstract Thursday once more, and the first anniversary of youoregon1's most excellent challenge.  Robert has done a fantastic job with this challenge of getting us to think outside the box and challenge ourselves to try new approaches with the camera.  He deserves much credit for so doing.  It has also been such an enormous amount of fun.

As well as being Abstract Thursday, it is also Referendum Day for the UK.
For good or bad we've cast our votes, and there is nothing more that we can do now other than wait and see what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully, whatever the result politicians of all persuasion will then start on trying to close some of the very significant divisions that have been opened up in society over this issue.

With more than a nod to Salvador Dali I've gone on a wander through the Affinity Photo toolbox.  I'm afraid that worries over the referendum decision have somewhat sub-consciously coloured my play here. 

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