A Meeting.....A Lunch....& A Lovely Walk

I met Lady Marchmont and Archie in town near the Scott Monument. I wasn't long before I discovered what a fabulous character she was...when she was trying to steal some tourists cardigan because she liked the colours (only playing around).....it was then I knew I was going to like her...a lot.....and of course Archie (extra).
 Walking around the Grass Market......I got to rub Humes golden toe (extra) for good luck and then on to Blackfriars Bobby and rubbed his golden nose (extra) for more good luck (Lady M reckoned I should buy a lottery ticket with all my good luck)  we checked out lots of shops stopping in the middle for a coffee.

After mooching around a bit more we caught a bus to Marchmont. I was introduced to Joss and their beautiful home.......again it all felt like we had known each other for ever really......J made a most delicious lunch and we just chatted as if just catching up rather than getting to know....the ever present Archie just being his very cute self.

A little bit later we took Archie for a walk up to Blackford hill...the views were lovely over to city to the castle and Arthurs Seat. Archie met a few of his doggie friends up there and had a rather good frolic whilst us three just kept on chatting.

I wasn't allowed to post a pic of the 3 of them as my main image but it was ok to post as an extra ...so here they are (extra). 
Thank you for the most fabulous day m'dears...so lovely to of met you.

They dropped me off at the flat and I got in just 10 mins before P got back from work. We had dinner and watched a movie.......its so hard to get to bed before 12 these days.

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