Seeking the tastiest bits

The start of another week at work. Wet and windy this morning, although later in the day it did become much more pleasant. The nice thing about the day was that I had no mental health act tasks, and there had not been any admissions over the weekend. The result of those two things was that there was no pressure, as there has been on most Mondays in this job.

I was able to get away at a reasonable hour and I went to western Springs Lake on my way back to the apartment. Someone reported last week that there were a number of spoonbills at the lake. Looking across the lake I could see half a dozen large white birds in some trees by the water's edge on the far side.

Went around the lake to get a better photo than I could get from the northeast side. When I reached the closest point from where I could get a photo, I could see that they were not (all) white spoonbills; they were (mostly) white Pied Shags (Karuhiruhi). 

So I chose this photo of a (almost fully) black swan which I had taken shortly after arriving at the lake.

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