This Is Major Tom to Ground Control . . .

"This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in the most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
For here am I sitting in my tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do"

David Bowie, Space Oddity

They were doing road construction on my usual main route to work about two weeks ago, and I started driving in the back way in the morning, staying on route 550 and driving on roads near the University Park airport to get to work. The construction may be done now (if it is ever truly done), but I sorta like my new "back way" drive to work, so I've continued to travel that way.

Last week, I saw a car ahead of me turn onto a winding road that looked like it went to a little park. And I determined that one day soon, I would drive up that road and explore that park. (Hey, a girl's gotta have plans! Even if they're tiny little plans . . . )

And so it was that on this day, I did stop at the little park on Bernel Road for the first time. It has the most marvelous collection of playground equipment of any local park I may have ever seen. It has climbing and riding stuff for little kids, medium kids, and big kids, and the ground surface beneath the equipment is special stuff, all spongy and soft.

There is a structure in the middle of the playground that looks like a lighthouse from the outside, but inside, it has the feel of a space ship. It has places to look out, and things to do, and more stuff to climb. And guess what, I had my Crocs on, as I often do (here is reason number elebenty-five: Why Crocs!), and I was ready to climb. So I did!

And this is a photo I took while climbing. That little sign down to my left says Flight Control. And yes, I did have a good view from up there. Planet Earth was blue, there was nothing I could do . . . and I felt like I might just start floating in a most peculiar way. Off I go in my tin can rocket ship, up into the clouds, away into the wild blue yonder!

And so it was that I had a tiny climbing adventure on my way to work. I took a trip and never left the farm, as they say. The park, for the record, also has some lovely walking trails and benches laid out among the pretty green rolling hills of central Pennsylvania. I may not always climb and take a ride in my rocket ship when I visit, but I'll definitely be back for more adventures!

The soundtrack: David Bowie, Space Oddity. Also for your enjoyment: facts about the song, Space Oddity. You may also enjoy the version of this song posted by astronaut Chris Hadfield.

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