A Low-Key "Beach" Scene

It's the July 4th holiday weekend in the U.S. With the holiday itself falling on Monday, most of us will get a long holiday weekend. My husband and I don't have any big plans for the weekend. Just to get some outdoor time, do a few things around the house, maybe relax a little, catch up on some movies, possibly cook out.

We decided to go swimming Saturday morning at Bald Eagle. It was on the cool side, which was surprising, as the July 4th weekend is usually extra-hot! We got there early, swam as much as we wanted, and left before things got crowded, which I'm sure they did, as tons of vehicles were arriving just as we left.

This is a scene from early in the day. I am not sure if all of these people were a family or not, but they might have been. The two children on the left look like they're exploring the Ministry of Silly Walks, but they are actually having a sand battle, tossing sand all over each other.

This is, by the way, about as much "beach" as you'll see in central Pennsylvania: a bit of sand along a lake beneath the gently rolling bluegreen mountains. But still, a holiday is a holiday, and we take it as we can get it!

The soundtrack: the Bee Gees, with Holiday.

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