Happy Fourth!!

Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting today!!

Mum and I would like to wish all our friends, especially our Blipfriends, a very happy 4th of July!  Independence Day!  

Me:  Hey, Mum!  Independence from what?  

Mum:  From England!

Me:  Really?  But I'm English!  And we live in England!  Is this really appropriate?  

Mum:  Well, they let some of us back in!  And they let us get away with at least one day of American patriotism!  For now, at least!  

Me:  Phew!!


In other news - Mum REALLY can't seem to keep up with her blips!  Things are crazy at work - anyone who knows will KNOW!  She's been gone a lot - to a lot of silly meetings!!  I wish I could go with her to some of them!  But I usually have to stay home. Catching up on my sleep!  

Anyway, she apologises for not keeping up with comments on other blip journals and she hopes to catch up eventually with quite a few back-blips. Probably out of order. She says life is like that sometimes. Maybe I should just take over completely!  Maybe - after one more nap!  Zzzz

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