A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Back to my Childhood

Rory and I went for a drive tonight as something different to do and we ended up at the adventure play park in Bowhill! It took me right back to my childhood!

Climbing frames, climbing walls, firemans poles, giant slide and of course a spiders web swing all attracted our attention. Although the slide wasn't much of a success seeing as we were wearing jeans and couldn't slide right down the bottom. I'd never been down a fireman's pole before, so Rory made me do that....I was a bit of a wuss and didn't want to do it. Apparently being 18 and never having gone down a fireman's pole is not acceptable.

After we were done being little kids again, we drove deeper in to the wooded area taking it in turns to pick the direction, just to see where we ended up. It was fun, not knowing where we were going to end up! A little bit of adventure added to my day.

Everyday spent with Rory seems to be one that I enjoy.

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