We're Too Cute!

It finally feels like summer!

The sun is shining and Rory and I went for a lovely walk in the country to enjoy the sunshine! I got to try out my new walking boots and also take my camera along for the walk.

We even played "poo sticks" and watched to see who's went the furthest the fastest and which ones survived the river rapids. It's weird to think that there are couples who don't do things like walking and silly things like playing "poo sticks". I think that's what makes Rory and I's relationship so special; we're not just boyfriend and girlfriend, we're best friends too and enjoy doing different things together.

We've developed a love for playing tennis this summer and today was no exception to our playing obsession. We are getting better, although I still suck more than Rory does. I shall beat him one day! I shall get better!

I hope everyone was out enjoying the sun also!

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