a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Hyde 2612

Wide Wednesday: Hyde -Ranger

A long day at work, it seems to be a pattern this week.  Not all unenjoyable by any means as it ended with a few drinks sitting in the sunshine by Bristol's Floating Harbour, bemoaning Brexit, indulging in Bregret over the seeming inevitability of Brecession. Turning the clock back to 1973 reminded me of this rather excellent song by Aynsley Lister, inspired by the TV series "Life on Mars".

"I’m not feeling quite myself, something’s gone outta sync 
There’s a cog inside my head, needs relocating and slotting in 
It all looks a little strange like I been here before 
But things are not in place, somebody moved the door 

Who is this man in front of me, stained with nicotine
He claims he’s my superior and it’s 1973
Whose own way of policing ain’t doing it by the book
Settling most endeavours with a healthy right hook
For him the word compassion’s not in his vocabulary
Trying it got me back “don’t go all Dorothy on me”

Today, not today, I ain’t going home today
Today, not today, I ain’t going home today 

Wake, wake up 

To another day with the Sheriff trying to show me the way
Come on now wake, wake up
Wake up and smell the cocoa, I’m still here
I guess I ain’t going home today...

Speeding round the streets, heavy on the brakes
Taking bribes, planting evidence to clear the scum away
Bets on a Party 7, fighting for my pride
The only way to show him that I’m right this time
Done and dusted by teatime, his gut paving the way 
Another off the streets, another collar put away

Today, not today, I ain’t going home today
Today, not today, I ain’t going home today"

Ainsley Lister ~ Hyde 2612

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