An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Scottish Summer Sky...

Had a lovely lunch at the farm shop cafe with Gail, Natalie and Ele.  Today's blip is the view from our seats in the cafe.  The tractor is child sized and it was funny to watch all the littlies sitting on it pretending to be farmers.  

After a very healthy but scrumptious lunch we had a laugh ordering coffee. The waiter, a lovely man in his 60s, had pencil poised and Natalie asked for a cappuccino with skimmed milk, Gail ordered the same while Ele and I both went for lattes with semi-skimmed milk.  He carefully noted this on his pad then said "so that's two cappuccinos with red milk and two lattes with green milk?"   :-)))

We came back to mine and forced ourselves to have tea and Empire biscuits.  I know self praise is no honour but they were rather yummy.   

Afterwards we applied ourselves to looking at the tiles for the pool and paint choices for the kitchen and rather than helping me come to a firm decision, I'm as confused as ever! this rate I will be sticking a pin the paint chart and going with it.  

And I'm not saying we talked too much but before we knew it, it was 7.30pm and Alan hadn't had his dinner (he's normally eating by 6pm!)  then I remembered I had booked a Tesco delivery to come between 7pm & 8pm. Gail and Natalie left just after 7.30.  Ele stayed to help with the Tesco delivery then David arrived in while the Tesco man was still here.  Chaos!

Alan finally got his dinner at 8.15pm!   He will be giving me the sack if I'm not careful.

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