Taking a gamble

Husband has decided to cut the silage. He waited until after lunch to give it time to dry from the rain overnight so he is still out mowing this evening. I am currently working on my sun dance so we can get some dry weather. We try to make haylage so we like to get the grass to wilt and dry out as much as possible, this is only possible with good sunshine and dry weather. Think I have a permanent headache with the stress of it. Our winter feeding relys on a good harvest otherwise we have to buy in more.

I had a dog behaviour consultation this morning. It went on for quite some time, a first time dog owner so a lot of discussing best care as well as working on behavioural problems. The dog was lovely and responded well to the training we implemented. When I eventually got back I have been baking snacks for when we are busy silaging and tidying yet again!

16c showers am, overcast with some sun occasionally pm

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