Millbrook's Misty Magic, Summer Edition

It was misty on Tuesday morning, and as you know, mist is like catnip to a girl like me. You know just where I had to go: get thee to a marsh!. So off I went to Millbrook Marsh, and it was lovely, dressed in summer green, with mist rising off the creek.

My typical week doesn't usually deal me TWO misty mornings, but when I woke up on Friday morning, there it was: mist again! I had been working on some shots of the mist on Tuesday morning, and I had so much fun then that I decided to go back for seconds.

I took a number of shots of the mist on the creek and the green woods, and I liked this one with the red berries in it. The plant with the berries is bush honeysuckle, which is actually an invasive species. But the berries are such a lovely color. (And I read somewhere recently that if you want to get more looks at your pictures, include the color red.)

I was at Millbrook a few weeks ago, with the mist down by the creek looking so lovely on a cool, damp morning. I was there at the very moment that the first light came straight down through the trees and pierced the mist as it rose off the cool water.

Suddenly the mist and the light were moving together, like a living thing. I can't explain exactly what I was seeing, because I'm not sure I could even understand it. It was like watching a miracle. The mist WAS the light and the light WAS the mist and they were intertwined. No, more than that: they were . . . dancing.

The soundtrack for this little taste of Millbrook's misty morning magic is The Who, with I Can't Explain. I'm including both a 1965 live version as well as a 1977 live version. Also, as a bonus, here's an excellent cover by the Scorpions.

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