Old Town Rooftops

No BB to worry about this morning (or tonight for that matter), so TT and decided to take the bus to work and got for a bite to eat after work.  Work was pretty rubbish, apart from a helpful meeting this afternoon.  Thank goodness I only have one more day in the office this week.

TT and I went to a well-known pizza place with a voucher I had for a free bottle of prosecco.  I also had a voucher for a discount on food, but I was told I could only use one – so we enjoyed the fizz.

We got the bus home and the journey took two hours (the normal journey would be an hour).  The A1 was closed for roadworks and all traffic was being (very slowly) syphoned off at a slip road with traffic lights that only let seven cars through at a time, and then round the corner there were more traffic lights for another (unrelated) set of roadworks.  Whoever planned this didn’t do a very good job.  What a nightmare.

Here are some Edinburgh rooftops, snapped on my way to meet TT.  It doesn't look like summer does it?!

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