Of Bacon Eggs And Butter

I read of the ludicrous idea put forward by PETA to rename Eggs And Bacon Bay in Tasmania Apple And Cherry Bay. They say that the name of the bay is likely to encourage poor dietary choices and inspire the occasional cooked breakfast.

The bay is named after the common term for Lotus corniculatus, Birdsfoot-trefoil that grows there in abundance. There's a roundabout in town that was absolutely smothered in these flowers a few weeks ago. Wish I'd stopped to take a pic. Up close the flowers are yellow suffused with orange. From a distance they look strikingly warm gold. No wonder the Tassies chose to name the bay after them. No wonder that the locals are up in arms about the suggestion of a name change.

I have common birdsfoot on my property but couldn't find birdsfoot trefoil so have illustrated my piece with another flower named after food, butter and eggs or common toadflax, Linaria vulgaris. I was pleased to have captured a Mirid in shot. :)  

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