The Bird Lake

Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting!  From beautiful Sweden!  

Today Alice and her mum took us on one of their favourite walks - to the bird lake in the nature reserve. Wow!  It was beautiful and peaceful. We first watched some birds from a hide and then we walked through a small forest until we got to their favourite picnic spot where we had a picnic Fika!  Coffee and Cinnamon buns!  If you look at the bottom middle picture in the collage you will see a seat and a table in front of a big rock. That's where we were!  Mum said that sitting there felt like sitting in an armchair - leaning back on the rock and soaking up the warmth of the sun. I think maybe Alice's journal is going to include a picture with us actually sitting there.

On the way back to the car Alice showed us a place where you can have a barbecue on an open fire. The city even provides a wood pile to use free of charge. Amazing!  When is the barbecue, Mum?

When we got back to Alice's flat, we bumped into her friend Nellie, whom I hadn't met yet. Nellie is a white miniature poodle and she has featured in some of Alice's blips so I was very happy to finally meet her and her mum.

I'm afraid that the evening didn't go so well. Tomorrow we have plans to go to a very important meeting and so Alice's mum said that she had to have a bath. Alice gets lots more baths than I do, so I was pretty certain I'd be off the hook but I was very wrong!!  Mum decided that what was good for Alice was good for me too, though mine was a bit of a mini-version!  (See the extra photos).

Thankfully we were rewarded with more 'Lickin' Liver' ice-cream (see extra photos). And so our 'Ice-Cream Every Day' pact continues!  Mum and Alice's mum also had a treat. Mum got good news from work this evening and so they celebrated with a very special cake.  We all enjoyed the celebrations!

You can see Alice's blip journal here.  

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