Welcome Home

Mehitabel was delighted to see me today. I arrived quite early as Mel needed to be home before noon. We left Manucha at six am and only stopped briefly for coffee, gas and directions on the way. The ride seemed to go very quickly as we didn't stop talking all the way home. Mel dropped me off and headed home to participate in a neighborhood yard sale. I unpacked and then headed to the farmer's market to pick up our monthly fish order and some fruit and veggies.

Before I left my brother Dave called and we agreed to meet after I got back from the market. He had dropped Nora off at the airport and was up in Bellingham. He and I played two games of Carcassonne before my brother Steve joined up for another game. Then the three of us went out to Jalapeno's for dinner. We had a good time together.

Now I'm catching up on my blip from yesterday. I had a great time at art camp and will be picking Arvin up tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to seeing him.

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