New flower, old bottle

This is one of my beautiful new dahlias, displayed in one of my very old bottles. One of those ones with a glass marble in the neck. If you're interested it says 'CRAMPTON & Cos AERATED WATERS'. I got it out of my glass cabinet specially, and with a certain satisfaction that now it is being used, it means it wasn't just another old bottle, or bit of tat, I've kept unnecessarily!

Today at work has been fun. We are yet to discover whether I actually took in any of what I was being taught today about the calculation of transfers out, but I enjoyed it. Tomorrow I will get stuck in and have a go at one!

At lunch time I sat in the sun just off Elm Hill by the river. I will start to think about some more Norwich related blips soon. Especially as I have kindly been given a book called 'Norwich in the Great War'. Jean who house sat, had to review it, and managed to do so while staying here, so donated it to me! Lucky me. It is just my kind of book. Especially with my connection to the city through my great uncle Donald John Ketteringham, from Norwich, who died on the Somme during that 'great war' in 1915.

I got home at 5.20 and was happy to find Henry had done all the jobs I had asked him to do. He also did the dinner, so I was able to start sorting stuff from the holiday, plus make a list of other things to do. Then at 7.30 I got into the garden and did a chunk of weeding. I had tried to grow onions, not very successfully, and they appeared as I weeded! Some were bolting, some not, all very small. I won't bother next year. I miss the courgettes but this year, for the first time ever, I had no luck. Will try again next year.

Now its dark, so I've come indoors. Mollie is in Cromer with friends, so I need to stay up to collect her. She has asked me to come as late as possible! I have to get up for work tomorrow.....i wonder how she will feel if I turn up in my pj's! I suppose that's not fair really; her old friends all know I'm a bit mad, but its early days with her new ones!!!

So now I'll consult my list....and maybe have a cup of tea, while I think about what to do for the next hour!

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