Just the job!

What a shock to the system! A wet and windy day after all the warm weather of late. We had a very wet commute into work, then it cleared up for a few sunny hours and is now blowing a gale outside!

I headed home at lunchtime and enjoyed a nice latte in the Bakehouse after a quick trip to Cully High Street so mum could pick up a couple of new tops she had spotted in her favourite clothes store window. A sale was on and was too good for her to resist!

My major achievement at work was manhandling a friend's pedestal unit into submission. Her top drawer was stuck solid with some crucial keys inside. I had to indulge in lots of jiggery pokery and eventually managed to free it all up by sticking it upside and shaking it until bits fell to the back and side and I could pull them out one by one. After a load of noise and a lot of mess, it finally yielded to my will and opened itself up. Pedestal Unit 0 - Lee 1.

We hate the dratted units as we are sure they sourced them on a cheap! They are too slim to be useful - not even wide enough to take most of our work bags. When we did one of our many office moves a while back they squeezed us all in to a space that really wasn't big enough so we all had 'compact' desks and units and they have proved incredibly frustrating ever since. The units look like they were sourced for primary school kids.

Leo had a fun day looking through mum's old photos during the rainy morning, and then indulged in some footie and scooting with a friend once the weather perked up this afternoon. Now he has his iPOD he facetimes his friends to make play arrangements! Makes me feel old :)

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