The end of an era

Early start this morning.  I had a ticket for a free preview film screening at The Metrocentre. Not many buses early on Sunday mornings so I had to walk down to the village to get a bus at 9am.  The doors opened at the cinema at 10am so I just wandered round the malls for a while then sat and used the free wi-fi. Made my way to the cinema in time for 10am and found a good seat - one of the comfy Premier ones.  Film started 10.30am - by this time the cinema was almost full.

The film was " Anthropoid " starring Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan.  It tells the true story of Operation Anthropoid - the World War 2 assassination of Reinhard Heydrich ( the Nazi 3rd in command ) by exiled Czechoslovak soldiers on 27th May 1942.  It was violent, gripping, emotional, edge of the seat stuff with lots of shootings and scenes of torture.  Unpleasant at times but very well acted and it held my attention throughout.  The ending was quite dramatic and I felt drained.  Sat in my seat until all the credits had gone by.

Then I headed for BHS as it was the " Last Day".  I had already taken my blip shot when I had been past the shop earlier before it opened. There was very little left in the shop when I went in around 12.30pm - just 2 rails of clothes at the front of the shop - with nothing I was inclined to buy.  So that's it - no more BHS.  Its such a shame for the staff.

Then I got the bus to Dunston to call in on Neil at work.  Its the only place I can see him these days as he works such long hours.  And his girlfriend has moved in with him so of course he spends more time at his own place.  We had a nice catch up - and Neil informed me that his girlfriend starts a new job on Tuesday.  So I got the bus back to The Metrocentre so I could buy a  " Good Luck in Your New Job " card.  Then I got the bus home.

I was ready for a sit down and a cup of coffee by this time. Didn't do much for the rest of the day.

Steps today - 14,921

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