The Not So Lonely Nicotiana

I didn't get out with the camera until late and was stumped for what to tog. The tall white flowers of Nicotiana sylvestris "Only The Lonely" in the largely disused greenhouse, catching the evening sun, caught my eye. I used to grow these six-feet tall striking architectural plants from seed for my customers and they have established amongst the asparagus beds, MrQ's toms and veg and plenty of weeds.

Flowers alone don't really do it for me, I'm always scouring them for bugs and am rarely disappointed. Trouble is many bugs shun Nicotiana because nicotine is a poison. We used to control pest infestations by burning so-called nicotine shreds.

A found a little Mirid first and then the above hoverfly arrived. My pic shows it perched on a flower but it spent most of the time hovering and and pawing at the stamens and stigma. Very strange. (Extras) I think it's a moon hoverfly.

Just got to link to Roy Orbison now. :)   

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