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By walkingMarj

It's Wednesday again!

Today there were only 14 of us on the long walk (and 20 on the intermediate) but we had a great 11 mile walk led by George.

We started at Carts Bog Inn and took a circular route which included Plankey Mill and Moralee Tarn.

It was far too hot and humid. I was relieved to hear others say that they found the ascents challenging. They would not have normally been so.

Here we are walking downhill towards Silly Wrea Farm. We are used to seeing the heavy horses pulling ploughs on this land. Today three of them were out enjoying themselves in the field and they all came to see us. They are very gentle beasts. You can see the farm below and two walkers who were trying to encourage the rest of us to keep going.

My extra is a delightful collie at the farm. It always comes to see you and is glad to be stroked. (Yes, my series on dogs seems to be gathering momentum!)

I was horrified to run out of water in the last hour of the walk and drank a half pint of tap water at the pub (before having a half of beer).

I love Wednesdays and the walks and all the fun we have. I'm so lucky to live in this beautiful area.

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