Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Little things...

I confess that I chose today's shot at random.  I took way too many photos today and most of them really weren't all that good.  But, I rather liked this one - it's a Common Milkweed seed pod that's opened up and a Large Milkweed Bug.  Kind of a neat symbiosis here, I thought.  

Our second-to-last walk of the year with my naturalist group was today and we walked, talked, saw interesting things and enjoyed near-perfect weather.  One of the highlights was watching a family of 4 kestrel (tiny hawks) soaring and hunting over a field.  No photos, but very cool to watch.  

Back at home, I was delighted to find another warbler in the yard - and as soon as I can confirm an ID on it, it will become #52.  Several emals back and forth with a couple of local bird experts finally id'd it as a hatch-year Blackpoll Warbler, a yard-first for me!  Photos weren't great, but I've posted one in Extra.  Also, another (or maybe the same?) little red-breasted nuthatch was around, as well as an Eastern Wood Pewee (a small flycatcher who will soon be headed to the tropics).  And, surprisingly, a House Wren - they should have been gone a month ago so not sure what the little guy is still doing here.

All in all a very good day.  And capped off by visiting all of the TinyTuesday entries.  Did I already mention that you are making my job really REALLY hard this week?  I will be posting results in tomorrow's blip, so stay tuned.  

Thank you so very much for sending my hornet to the front page of Pops, where he's sitting in some mighty fine company.  

All quiet in the Monarch Motel - the chrysalids are just quietly hanging in place, doing whatever it is they do to transform themselves into beautiful butterflies.  I estimate that the first of this batch may be ready to emerge towards the end of the weekend...

Happy Hump Day, people!


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