"Go To The Ant ....

.... thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise."

I haven't been anywhere or done anything much today, in fact I've been a proper sluggard. I had the wind taken out of my sails when I checked my rained-on camera this morning. The fogging in the viewfinder was worse, so bad that I couldn't see the focus points. I removed the battery and card again and took the lens off, covering that opening with a handkerchief and put it on the boiler again. Last time I checked it was starting to clear from one corner.

I got my old 7D out and went looking for bugs. The ivy is just coming into flower and that's always a happy hunting ground. Plenty of wasps about and these ants were making the most of the nectar. I'm hoping to photograph bees, butterflies and hornets on it in the next few days. 

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