An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Naked Tractor Driver...


Another beautiful warm sunny morning and an early rise for David, Alan and Ed as they were canoeing at 9.30am.   I took advantage of the peace and had a lie in till 10am.  

After a bowl of cereal, I sat on the balcony and put out some bread for the birds but for some reason they didn’t appear (they usually land within feet of you as soon as you step on the balcony) so chilled with a magazine until the canooers returned. 

Alan was full of the joys.  He really enjoyed it.  

There was Ed, Alan and a guide called Ross in once canoe and David, Tony and a guide called Kasha. in the other.  Both canoes were connected by a wooden plank at each end.    Alan decided he wanted his feet in the water so he lay back with his legs over the side of the canoe.  He loved the peace, the scenery and was so relaxed he even dozed off at one point!  (see extra :-)

After lunch the three of us headed back to Bellingham to buy some nibbles to take to the BBQ tonight.   We got stuck behind the naked tractor driver for a short time on the way back.  

About 15 minutes before we were due to go to Eileen and Michael’s chalet for the BBQ, it got really dark and there was a rumble of thunder followed by very heavy rain.  Should have known the weather would turn as soon as a BBQ was mentioned.  It takes more than a bit of thunder and rain to deter us though.

Eileen and Michael’s chalet is one of the brand new ones and it is amazing.  Beautifully designed and furnished with every mod con.   Michael was out on the terrace barbecuing when we arrived but sadly it was too wet to sit outside.  Not a problem though as the chalet is glass fronted and we opened the doors onto the terrace and it felt as though we were sitting outside.

Full of delicious food and wine and still cheering the fact we ended up at Kielder the same week as Eileen, Michael and Tony, we made our way back to our chalet at 10.30pm with David starting to worry he’d been a bit rash earlier this evening when he agreed to do the zip wire tomorrow.  My view was that if Alan could do it, he could do it.  

Notice I wasn’t volunteering to do it myself! 

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