Bittern's Bottom

I've been out of kilter since going to Sophie's wedding party on Friday night when I would normally have done my M&S shop. I got round to it today and called in on The Bittern Hide at Fishers Green on the way. (Even though it's not on the way.) We'd had a downfall earlier in the afternoon and I plumped for a hide as it was threatening to rain again.

I got some very nice pics of a heron in flight and was trying to get decent images of a pair of ring-necked parakeets for my daughter, who loves all members of the parrot family.

I spotted the bittern, as it crossed the newly cleared No 1 channel, out of the corner of my eye. My lens was set for close work and took too long to focus for me to capture the entire bird. It's a bit weird to post only half of a bird but this is rather special. I often think of the volunteer who has worked, I think, at Rutland Water all his life and has never seen a bittern. They're quite shy and elusive birds. 

I believe the ones at Fishers Green leave and spend the summer elsewhere. No idea where. Anyway it looks like they're back. Wonder if I'm the first to see one this autumn? 

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