Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yard Bird # 57 - Nashville Warbler

Not a great photo as 1) the warbler was moving fast, and 2) the image is cropped beyond acceptable levels.  However, this is a yard-first for me so definitely worthy of a blip.  Also seen today was Yard Bird #58, a blue-headed vireo (poor photo in Extra).  This brings the total number of species seen in/from my yard this year to 79 which is a pretty impressive yard list.  Wish I'd been able to photograph all of them, but perhaps a goal for next year...

For the third time in the past month, we had a red-breasted nuthatch in the yard, too - such adorable tiny things!  No hummingbirds, though...

Finally, in the Monarch Nursery...  the Tinies insisted on being on hand to assist #71 in the birthing chamber.  They assured me that they'd been taking butterfly Lamaze classes.  Unfortunately, Darvin (on the far right) passed out as soon as #71 starting emerging from his chrysalis.  So much for those lessons, I guess.  Anyway, #71 dried off and was released this afternoon.  And our very last monarch of the year, #72 also eclosed today - a healthy male.  Unfortunately, rains are moving in and temps are going to drop overnight, so #72 will spend tonight inside with a few sprigs of buddleia. Tomorrow once the temps warm up, I'll let him fly away.  And I'll recap the Monarch Project tomorrow, for anyone who is keeping track.

Hubs arrived home around 9:30 last night - tired but glad to be back. So happy to have him home.  Tonight we're going to watch the Presidential Debate - I'm not sure what to expect, but perhaps we'll learn a thing or two.  Or not.  

Cheers, people - and don't forget to tag your TinyTuesday entries tomorrow with TT70!


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