I took the Little Misses on a tour of hardware stores in Milton Keynes tonight after school. Who knew they'd love it so much?!! 
First of all it was to Homebase for the blue paint for Miss E's room. I had a tester mixed up the other day by Valspar paint. Which I'd never heard of but which has 2.2 million different colours. As someone who can't stop buying testers this is both good and bad!!
Anyway, Miss E chose Calm Waters - a grey blue to go with her grey blue cloud wallpaper and we went to buy it tonight.
Once we got to Homebase I remembered that the paint actually came from B&Q so we had to go there. After we'd had a quick look around Homebase of course! Miss E bought herself a little cactusy-aloe type plant - to go on her blue bedside table. And very sweetly offered to buy Miss L a plant too. She chose a set of three titchy cactuses.
They were in awe of B&Q. It's so big breathed a wide eyed Miss E was we went in! 
We got her paint mixed and got a few testers for her "office" (she has an ensuite study!!) and another yellow in my futile attempt to find one that goes with Miss L's wallpaper. And isn't a disgusting custard colour. She loves them all - if it hasn't got zesty, lemon, custard or banana in the name then she doesn't want to know!!
Then we went to the house to drop off our goodies, help daddy prep walls for painting and bounce on the giant trampoline. 
Home for sleepover chaos, feet up and Strictly.

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