There was a lot of child labour in our new house today!
Miss L helped paint her wardrobe and Miss E was a dab hand with the roller in her room (see extras)
The problem with child labour is that it gets bored. And whinges about being hungry. And makes so much noise out on the trampoline that I worry our neighbours will hate us before we've even moved in!
The other day when I was packing Miss E's swimming bag I was surprised to see a dark blue hat and asked her had she moved up a level. She gave me a withering look and said indignantly that she moved up ages ago. Oops!!
A little while later she asked could I come and watch her swimming. Of course I said yes!
So it was up at the crack of dawn with me - getting them ready, packing a load of boxes to take to the house and rushing to the pool. I get so cross with Mr K every Saturday for leaving it too late to get there on time and today I was just as bad. Sigh!!
After swimming we went to Harris + Hoole with Miss A, Miss J and their dad Mr K for tea, sausage rolls and brownies.  Miss E and Miss A came in my car and as they both bellowed along with Ellie Goulding's Anything Can Happen I was transported forward a few years to having a couple of teenagers in the back of the car. It made me smile!!
Mrs F walked down with Miss A and Miss J in the afternoon - they live five minutes away - and took the Little Misses back to theirs for a couple of hours play and dinner. Fantastic!!
Home for Strictly and a bowl of Weetabix for dinner. We know how to live!!

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