I found myself in the bath again this morning. And once I'm in there I find it hard to get out!
I don't get the chance to read much any more so its nice to be able to lose myself in a book for a while!
And Mr K kindly kept bringing me tea so there wasn't any need to get out!!
And Miss L came to visit too which allowed me to get this wonderful picture of the two of them. I love it!!!
We had a lazy Sunday. Homework, food shopping, not putting up shelves, not painting the spare room, not practising Sing and Sign!
At about 4pm we went down to the swimming pool for our now traditional (since last week) Sunday swim. There was a party booked so the pools were closed to the public. Arse.
Miss L was devastated. Tears, wails and sobs!!! It was awful! 
Mummy will ring next week to check if there's a party on and if necessary go earlier. 
We went to Padbury park to try and make up for it. It was a bit fraught with Miss E refusing to hold on to deadly dangerous rides, then monumentally sulking and taking herself off to sit on various bits of equipment as far away from us as possible. But she chilled out eventually and even deigned to hold on to the swing she hadn't wanted to hold on to so she and Miss L could have a proper ride.  
She even said sorry. It's like she's growing up!!!!

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