Ikea Girls

I had a blissful two hour bath this morning while Mr K took the Little Misses to the pool for Miss E's swimming and then to Harris + Hoole with Miss A and Miss J. 
We had a lazy afternoon and then headed to Ikea at about 4pm.  Ordinarily the Little Misses love going into the creche but because they knew we were going to look at kitchens they decided to stay with us instead.
On the way to the kitchens we had to open every drawer and cupboard, swing on every swivel chair, open every cupboard, sit on every armchair and lie on every mattress. It took a while to get there but it was fun!
They were so sweet walking round hand in hand and doing their "Sisters!!" cheerleading chant at regular intervals.
This was in the TV cabinet department where they pretended to be playing Minecraft. Because God forbid they go more than five minutes without playing some sort of computer game!!
They loved the kitchen department. There wasn't a door, drawer, cupboard or appliance that they didn't open! Mr K and I managed to open a few too and got some ideas for our potential new kitchen. 
And it was meatballs all round in the cafe for dinner. Well meatballs for Mr K and the Little Misses. 
Salad for me. Polishes halo.
As well as leftover meatballs and chips. Takes it off again!
Strictly when we got home, woohoo!!! Miss L took herself off to bed halfway through (how can she be related to me?!!!) but Miss E snuggled up with me under a blanket and watched the whole thing. She declared Charlotte and Brendan her favourites.

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