By strawhouse

Give a Kid a Phone........

I did loads of sorting out today. Making room for all the new treasures I bought yesterday!
We have a sun room weird lean to extension stuck on the outside of the house which we've used as a dumping ground since we moved in a couple of years ago. Lately we've been talking about clearing it out and making it a room for the Little Misses. So I made a start today!
We've got a lovely Ercol table and chairs which I bought when we tried to buy a different house in Buckingham a few years ago. We've never used it as the previous owners of this house left a big farmhouse table for us. It's been in the sun room ever since covered in boxes and all the stuff that's never been unpacked!
I got it out today to make room for the new table and box. And once I've found the chairs in the garage I'll get it onto eBay.
I took loads of stuff to the tip and for the first time in a long time we can see the floor. Whoop whoop!!
While I was busy sorting, the Little Misses were taking photos on my phone. Dozens and dozens of them!!! It's a little view of the world from their perspective.
They got out all the toys, spent hours on the trampoline and generally had a fun afternoon.
Until we suggested homework. Then they turned into screeching banshees. Sigh.

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