By strawhouse

Climbing Buddies

Miss E was gutted to miss rock climbing last week when she was ill. 
Not because she missed out on logging a few more climbs or her McDonalds afterwards.
It was because it meant she didn't see Mr E!! 
She was giddy to see him again tonight! And he was pleased to see her too.
I love, love, love this picture - look at their faces!!!
They are so sweet together - lots of giggling and play fighting, and a fair bit of unconscious hair tossing from Miss E!!
And I like his mum and Miss L likes his sister so everyone has fun at rock climbing!!
When I was unpacking Miss L's school bag last night I found a letter from the SENCO at school saying that  "some children are invited to join termly Booster groups or enrichment lessons to help give them the best chance to succeed and to make progress in line with expectations. The provision groups are reviewed each term and depending on progress or need children may be invited to attend again the following term" and inviting Miss L to maths and english sessions.
I was a bit stunned to find out that Miss L needs remedial lessons in both English and Maths and it being the first we've heard of it. I dug out her report from last term and it said she was meeting and/or exceeding expectations in both.
I fired off an email to her teacher saying we were a bit confused about the letter - the discrepancy between her end of term report, the suddenness of the change in her ability and the fact that extra lessons have been arranged without any conversations with us. What do the lessons involve and WTF are we supposed to say to Miss L about why she needs these lessons?
I waited on tenterhooks for a reply all day. 
It finally came when we were at rock climbing:
         Thank you for your email. Enrichment sessions are to challenge those children who are working above the expected national average. Miss L has been specially selected to attend small group sessions on a weekly basis to stretch her further. Therefore, allowing Miss L to extend her learning.
Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Perhaps Mummy and Daddy should attend some remedial lessons for being so stupid!!!!!!
Although the original letter was far from clear - they should have separate letters regarding either booster and enrichment sessions.
They've done away with streaming this year so this is obviously their way round it. But Miss L doesn't know that - she is very pleased with herself and excited to get started!!

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