Into the Woods

Due to the annoying and over-cautious sensible precautions enforced by schools Miss E and I were treated to a day off together today. 
They had the dentist first thing and my hero Mr K took them in for me as I'm a pathetic coward I would rather have my own teeth pulled! Miss E needs a filling replacing and Miss L needs something putting on a back tooth that isn't a filling but will protect it until it falls out. They're going back at 2pm in a couple of weeks and are very excited about an afternoon off school!
After dropping Miss L off at school Miss E and I came home and watched The Golden Compass. Miss E is apparently an expert in all things Phillip Pullman and was telling me all about the names change (because apparently the Americans wanted to trilogy to be all titled about objects rather than airy fairy things like the Northern Lights! Just like the Philosopher's Stone was re-named for American audiences because they couldn't say philosophers apparently!!!! According to Miss E!!)
This led on to me telling her about the first night I ever felt her move when I was pregnant with her. Mum and I were in Iceland (the country rather than the shop!!) and saw the Northern Lights. Amazing. And afterwards I felt her move. Even more amazing!!!
She was glad we didn't call her Aurora which I suggested we could have!!
Then we took Archie to the woods. It was just brilliant! Miss E climbed practically every tree and collected every stick! She chattered incessantly, sang songs, threw sticks for Archie, laughed rather than got cross when he kept dismantling the log piles she was making for bugs, and laughed even more when he kept finding the one specific perfect stick she was using for jumping and walking. The spaniel in him was obviously coming to the fore and he could sniff it out no matter where she hid it. Hilarious!!
We ate our tasty picnic and got hopelessly lost.
I had to use my phone to find out where we were and the way back to the car park.
But I'd deny that to my final breath if Mr K was asking!!!! Ha ha ha!!!

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