I went down to Mrs S's after dropping off the Little Misses this morning. We had a lovely few hours chatting, drinking tea, eating delicious bread, cheese, coleslaw, prawns, salami and - unusually for Mrs S - sundried tomatoes ;-)
It was good to see Mrs S as ever. And pick her brains about paint, wallpaper and carpets. She has as many testers in grey as I do in beige and off white (and bloody yellow and blue for the Little Misses' rooms) so we'll know where to go if we ever decided to go grey!
Miss L has swimming on Thursdays so I left Mrs S's nice and early - 2pm so I could have a relaxing non-stressful journey to get to school at 3.15 to collect Miss L at 3.30pm. 
At 3pm this was my view of the M1. At Dunstable, still half an hour from school. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
There was all sorts of weirdness with unmarked police cars zig-zagging through the traffic and then parking in the hard shoulder, loads of helipcopters circling, normal police cars zooming up. I assumed there'd been a crash and eventually, after passing a lorry surrounded by police cars, finally managed to speed up.
It turns out sixteen illegal immigrants - according to the BBC news website - had been tracked up the M1 and finally pulled over at Dunstable.
I sped to school at top speed ringing them (hands free) when I was five minutes away to get them to bring Miss L down to the office so I didn't have to park, I dashed in to get her and then drove at top speed to swimming telling her to get changed on the way! She thought it was the funniest thing ever to run across the car park barefoot in her swimming costume. We were only two minutes late, woohoo!!!!
Then I collapsed in a chair to watch her feeling as if I was about to have a heart attack! So much for my relaxing journey!

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