Flower Friday - Fail!

So, I took a few pictures of some flowers in the garden and then came in to find Cousteau with my boot at the ready. He loves to bring us gifts - usually footwear, but sometimes undies or socks if they're lying around - when we come in from a long day at work, a potter in the shed or just because he's so excited to see us he feels that he must bring something to show us!

So indulge me if you will, even though this has nothing to do with flowers. My extra is my alternative shot.

I had a lie in this morning. I'm sick (again!) and am achy and full of a sinus infection. I see my next specialist on Tuesday and to say that I'm pinning my hopes on him to solve this mystery sickness I seem to be permanently afflicted with is somewhat of an understatement. I'm praying he'll 'fix' me! I'm not allowed to take any of my allergy medication until my appointment, so he can see me at my snotty worst!

So it was up late and then a quick breakfast. Little Miss did some baking - brownie - which smelt wonderful. I sat on the opposite side of the bench, giving her helpful tips when she wasn't sure what to do. Essentially though, she made them herself and she's incredibly chuffed, as she should be.

Then we braved the bog which is our local sports ground. Little Miss had some expert shot put tuition from Mr C, while Cousteau and I hung around with Mrs C and their two daughters on slightly less soggy ground. Mr C was very impressed with Little Miss' technique and strength and we're all hopeful that she'll perform well on Monday when she's representing our town at the regional competition. She had a good time.

Home for a quick rest before we head out with the C family again for dinner. Mr B called us last night asking for me to change his flight, so he'll be home tomorrow evening rather than Sunday morning, which is great.

Gee, I've waffled on a bit today. I'll let you go. Thanks for stopping by if you've got this far!

Night all.


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