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By steeble

FrenchUK - Car of the Month - Septembers Entry

Forgot about uploading a blip the other day so please take a quick look: The Hand that Feeds

Today me and Ben serviced the car. Pleased we did because its now running loads better. Surprising the difference it makes. The old pollen filter weighed about 4 times as much as the new one due to the amount of crap stuck in it.

Other than Blip FrenchUK is one of the main sites I use, and every month they run a competition. Its fairly simple.... They set a theme, you take a picture of your car fitting the theme and after the closing date members vote for who they think has the best entry. The winner gets the their picture on the front page of the website.

This month the theme was Dark Night(probably a little to do with the recent release of the Batman film). Was quite pleased though as its a little more reason and excuse to play around with my night time photography.

Here are some of my previous entries: July's Entry and
June's Entry

Hope you like.......

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