Painted Wardrobe

There were lots of things going on today.
Mrs K and I went to the new coffee shop in Buckingham - which I shall be calling Esquires from now on (because that's its name!!) I had a fortifying bacon roll and a cup of tea which is a lovely way to start the day!! It was nice to sit and chat and stop sorting and packing for a while.
Then it was to the house to show Mrs K around, recommend paint and drink more tea. Mr J came round to quote for some gardening and painting. Mr K has done fabulous work in the rooms but we've decided it's money well spent to let someone else tackle the stairs and landings and hallway ceilings. I don't want Mr K balancing around on top of chairs dangling over bannisters!!
When Mrs K left I zoomed back to our old house, grabbed a few boxes and zoomed back to wait for the new fridge-freezer to be delivered by AO. I forgot to say the other say that when I put a load of food in the freezer left by the previous owners it fused the whole house and decided to stop working. Typical!
The new one was due today between 12pm and 4pm and I used the time to paint Miss L's wardrobe blue. I was really pleased with the result. I finished it just as the men arrived with the fridge. Huffing and puffing and moaning that the old one was too big to move!! 
I was pleased it came early - before 2pm - so I could pick up Miss L for her swimming. I was worried I wouldn't make it.
Back to school for Miss E and then home for more packing. It's getting a bit depressing now!!

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