Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

The Embrance (and Spider alert)

These little lynx spiders are the most fantastic hunters.  There were quite a few out today and more than one had caught a hoverfly or something else.  They are pretty quick and as you can see in comparison to the hoverfly are really quite tiny.

Hamish and I visited today.  The nursing home came out of lockdown on Thursday and Friday was the first day a lot of residents left their rooms.  It was a bad dose of gastro and sometimes a lockdown is the best way of containing it.  Some told me they were perfectly happy in their rooms for 10 days.  Others said they were climbing the walls.  I think I would be in the latter category.

It became quite windy again.  You can see by the brides veil in the extra.  Yes, I confess I did a bit of wedding stalking.  I wonder if the groom had an allergy or something.  He seemed to have difficulties opening his eyes.

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