Finlay has a new lead - one of a range of colour coded leads and harnesses that indicate what type of dog you have.

They range from green for 'friendly' to red for 'caution'. The idea is that they warn other (aware) dog owners of the nature of your dog.

Finlay is a very nervous dog and can be a bit unpredictable (well actually pretty predictable) with unfamiliar dogs - and he 'lashes out' if they get too close. He always wears a muzzle to prevent them getting bitten. He loves people - but not dogs. We think he may have been used for hunting in the past and possibly fighting, so maybe he has had some bad experiences.

The idea of the yellow lead is to warn owners to give him some space - hopefully keeping their dogs on leads (as if the muzzle and the fact he is always on a lead isn't enough warning). Hopefully more people will become aware of the colours if they get more widely used. 

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