Why ?

This is the 7am knackered look of someone old enough to realise that slogging for 50 aerobic minutes in the gym twice a week for the foreseeable future is probably doing more harm than good - a case of too little too late to find the figure of the nubile girl nestling like a Russian doll within several outer casings of unattractive blubber.

Three hours later, having been restored to something resembling my normal operational self, it was off to get photos for renewing my passport. Why do these kiosk photographs always look so appalling? There is surely something wrong with the lighting that makes me look as though a vampire has drained my blood. Still, the ones in the existing passport are no better and I haven't been stopped yet at passport control, so I must really look like that.

Now if you excuse me, I have things to do, and people to see including a date with a legless rabbit.

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