Camulles and Poler Beas

The day started off early today. Miss E had a class assembly at 8.45am and it was the first time having them at different schools proved problematic!
I was going through all sorts of permuations - drop Miss L at Breakfast Club at 8am giving us plenty of time to get Miss E to school; drop Miss L off at 8.30 and hotfoot it back to Miss E's school and make it by the skin of our teeth; drop Miss E off at school at 8am, get Miss L to school and then go back to Miss E's; bring Miss L to the assembly and then explain why she was late when we got her to school......
In the end Mr K took Miss L at her normal time before heading to work and I took Miss E a little bit early. Easy!!!
I met Nana there and we were treated to a wonderful assembly about family trees - Roald Dahl's, their own and then a whistle stop tour through the old testament. Miss E was beaming from beginning to end - no anxious looks, no mouthing other people's lines and nudging them to get up, no worries at all. Just brilliant!!!
She said her lines about Sophie Dahl beautifully, sang with gusto and then stole the show up on stage with her Oscar worthy performance as the mother of the baby King Solomon threatens to cut in half. It was a mime so she was on her knees silently weeping and wailing, wringing her hands in anguish and imploring Solomon to give the baby to the other mother. All with a big excited, dramatic beam on her face. Fabulous!!!
And before her big moment she did make me laugh peering out from behind the curtain pulling faces.
She really is a different child since starting her new school!!
After the assembly Mum and I headed to Ikea for a quick visit to pick up a few bits. It turned out to be a very long visit and we bought loads! And I may have treated myself to a delicious Ikea breakfast and availed myself - twice - of the free tea!!!
Our new mattress was finally in stock so I bought that. It needs 72 hours to get back into shape before we sleep on it so Friday night we'll be off the airbed and back into our bed. Can't wait!!
I had an hour or so at home before it was time to head to Miss L's parent's evening. She's very happy and doing fantastically well. In fact I was shocked to learn just how well she's doing and felt a bit guilty that I generally think of Miss E as the clever one. She's a year ahead of where she should be in English and maths and - more importantly - has a lovely desire to help children who don't grasp things as quickly as she does. Her teacher often gets her to help and explain things, or read with other children and she loves doing it. It made me so proud!!
This is a page from her science book which made me and Mr K giggle. I love the picture of the camulle with food in its hump, and the happy poler bea!!

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