Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

SweetArt Leaving on a Jet Plane

This is the last picture taken of SweetArt, in a big hurry I might add, as there were just a few minutes between bag drop and getting on a bus to take her to Abu Dhabi airport. So, today, I experienced Etihad Travel Mall for the first time. All very civilised and well organised I have to say... SweetArt is flying from Abu Dhabi airport, not Dubai, and as it is a working day tomorrow, we dropped her off to catch the courtesy shuttle.

Etihad have a "check-in" facility in Dubai, where you can go and actually check-in (like in an airport) and then get on a shuttle bus. Her luggage was 5kgs over and the man behind the counter asked if she could take anything out and put it in her hand luggage. Those who follow SA might remember she got charged for 4kg excess baggage at Heathrow. Well, she obviously didn't want to pay again, so we tried to talk our way out of it.

SA said she had already paid in London. The guy (Jumah) then noticed something on the screen, and said that she'd paid for 32kgs all the way to Hong Kong (??!!). SA wasn't aware of this, but from being asked to take things out of her main case, she was now asked if she wanted to put anything more in it!! (How a poor baggage handler manages a single bag that weighs 32kgs - I have no idea!) There actually wasn't any space in the case, but she managed to squeeze a macintosh in which increased the weight by half a kilo! That means 1/2kg less to carry on her...

So... the reason for the blip is because I had raced into a luggage shop nearby and noticed this pink luggage which SweetArt would LOVE to own! One day I guess. It took ages to get home battling Sunday evening traffic.

And before this, it's been a busy morning. The cleaner comes on a Sunday, so we had to make ourselves scarce so we wouldn't get in his way. We headed to Festival City as Hilde wanted to check out IKEA. Then lunch at Eataly which was incredible. A first for two in the party, and it was great to watch all the activity on the Creek - mainly helicopter tours going out from there.

Time seemed to fly and I came home for a rest to take my next dose of medicine, while everyone else went for a walk through Karama. Can't believe SweetArt's visit has come to an end so quickly. :(

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