Mr K put our bed back together last night, put our new mattress on it, assembled our new bedside cabinets and put our new lamps on them.
It was such a treat to get into - the 'clean sheets' feeling magnified by a million! And the comfiest mattress in the world!!
This morning when I woke up I was so happy to be in that lovely bed in our lovely room. It was like waking up in a hotel!!
Mr K took the Little Misses off to swimming and I luxuriated in bed with my book and a cup of tea. 
I was still there when they got back!! Bliss!
I eventually got out of bed at about 1pm and then had jet lag for the rest of the day and was very surprised how soon it was time to leave for Miss E's disco party at 3.30pm.
Mr K was heading out tonight so I took Miss L with me and after dropping Miss E off - in a rubbish house with electric gates, a half mile drive, an amazing deck with a hot tub, stables, kennels and a barn full of Land Rovers and quad bikes!! - we headed to Ikea for dinner and drinks in the restaurant. Miss L tucked into salmon and chips and I  in the restaurant. Miss L tucked into salmon and chips and I stole chips from her drank peppermint tea.
She said she'd rather go into the crèche than go shopping so I booked her in for an hour while I went off to pick up some more essentials - recycling bins and soap dispensers amongst other things!
There was just time once I'd got Miss L to pop next door to Asda for some milk - and to lose my fruitloop daughter in the coat department!! (see extras) - before heading back to the party for Miss E at 7pm.
She'd had a fab time - dancing in the giant inflatable disco in the garden and admiring Miss I's dog. She now wants a fluffy lapdog and intends to save up so she can buy herself one!!
Home for Strictly. It was a late night for the Little Misses. Miss E managed to stay awake but Miss L wrapped herself up in a blanket and conked out on the other sofa. I ate my lazy dinner of porridge and then took myself off to our wonderful bedroom.
It's been a while since I so looked forward to going to bed!!

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