The Missing

Today four daughters and I are off to Stobo Castle Spa for 24 hours of relaxation and jollification with some necessary exercise of a desultory nature thrown in.

Unfortunately daughter #3 who lives in Oman can't make it home this time, so Alice doll is coming as a replacement.
Although there are certain similarities in hair and athletic ability, Alice unfortunately will be unable to join in the conversation, don one of the far from attractive towelling robes, or provide the rest of us with that extra dose of vitality to keep the party lively, but she will be with us as a reminder of the gap in our numbers.

We will all miss you Kathy, it won't be the same without you, even if Alice does her best as a stand in.

Alice doll's travelling companions in steerage are Bruno bear and Betsy rabbit who will be travelling onward to Glasgow after enjoying the hospitality at Stobo.

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