The Stobo Sextet

When I wrote yesterday of missing #3 daughter who said she couldn't make it back from Oman for the distaff reunion at Sobo, I had no idea of the subterfuge and skullduggery going on behind my back. I only discovered after the missing daughter suddenly appeared to join me and daughter #1 on the drive down to Peebles.

Needless to say, I was the only one not to know that she had managed to make the journey back. She had even gone to the length of blocking me from the Facebook photos of her and daughter Robynn enjoying a reunion in Stirling on Thursday.
What is even more unreal is that about a week ago I had a dream that she did come, and I am a person not known for having extra sensory perceptions.

And so were were a complete sextet once more and set about catching up on everyone's lives whilst drinking the 4 bottles of Prosecco waiting in our rooms at the behest of His Lordship (so much for being at a health spa!) before various activities were engaged in, cycling,running, walking, gym bike spinning and swimming.
The necessary cake donated by daughter#2 appeared at 5pm with yet more imbibing of prosecco before dinner at 8pm. It is hard being at Stobo, but someone has to do it.

Today has progressed from one meal to another with interludes of swimming, walking and head massages. The weather was pictures perfect autumn weather with russet trees and still pools in the Japanese Gardens.
We said our goodbyes after lunch with Rosie driving back to Yorkshire, Lucy to Glasgow with Bruno and Betsy and Kathy getting ready to fly back to Oman with Alice doll.
We will reconvene next year at the same time - it would be a shame not to!

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